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Robotics is turning heads at STEM ZONE!

Posted by:Jacqueline Baldini

At STEM ZONE, students who were not able to or did not get the chance to experience robotics at their school were able to witness a finished build and successful code first hand. LETS GO selected students from each school to host an activity table for robotics at the event. This was to let the…

Keeping up with Coding!

Posted by:Jacqueline Baldini

In addition to using our own STEM curriculum, LET’S GO Team members seek out other curriculum. Some LET’S GO partners have large STEM programs and they require diversity in STEM technical skills, including programming. LET’S GO trained under Code in the Schools recently to understand where coding is moving for elementary, middle and high school…

Light Up with the NEED Project

Posted by:Jacqueline Baldini

LET’S GO strives to find new quality STEM activities for our partners. An opportunity to collaborate with the National Energy Education Development [NEED] Project, who offers energy based curriculum, allowed us to learn all that the NEED curriculum has to offer alongside one of our partners, Washington School for Girls [WSG]./READ MORE/ LET’S GO reviewed…

Celebrate Pi Day

Posted by:Debbie Dininno

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159. Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point….

What is Engineering?

Posted by:Debbie Dininno

Youth at Govans Elementary learn how the Engineering Design Process is a tool they can use to solve problems. Working with students from Loyola University they had to design a tower to lift a frog up 10 inches so it didn’t get eaten by alligators, using a few index cards, a ruler, tape, and scissors….

Maryland Science Olympiad (MSO)

Posted by:Debbie Dininno

For the second year in a row, middle schoolers at Westport Academy attended the Baltimore City Maryland Science Olympiad (MSO) Tournament with the support of their coaches, LET’S GO staff and their Charm City Science League (CCSL) Mentors. Six middle schoolers from Westport Academy competed in 6 events. Sisters Ziaysia and Kicia Gunn won first…

Thank You SB7 – South Baltimore 7

Posted by:Debbie Dininno

Thank You SB7 Community Enhancement Grant and the Plank Family Foundation for supporting LET’S GO’S work to offer high quality, hands-on minds-on STEM to youth in the Westport Community. These activities teach students STEM concepts (which support their math and science education), expose students to STEM careers, and help students develop life skills needed for…

STEM Scholars come back to share their expertise!

Posted by:Debbie Dininno

Former FIRST LEGO League team members, Davonte and Quanye, visted the Westport FIRST LEGO League team to share some of their experiences when they were on the team. Davonte helped the team improve their building techniques, while Quanye shared his programming knowledge with the rookie coach, Michael. Currently in 8th grade at Westport Academy, these LET’S GO…

Meet Michael

Posted by:Debbie Dininno

Michael L. is a mechanical engineer with MC Dean. He volunteers one afternoon a week supporting the LET’ S GO FIRST LEGO League team at Westport Academy. The students gain valuable experiences when they meet and work alongside STEM professionals.

Minds-On Hands-On STEM

Posted by:info@letsgoboysandgirls.com

These 2nd grade students needed lots of concentration as they explored how different size gears increase or decrease the speed of rotation during their STEM time with Ms. Tracy. We love seeing facilitators infuse math and minds-on learning into their lesson.

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