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Westport Academy Places Third at 2019 Maryland Science Olympiad Scrimmage

Posted by:Ellin Rittler

The Westport Academy Maryland Science Olympiad (MSO) team showed off their knowledge and skills at the 2019 afterschool MSO Scrimmage hosted by Johns Hopkins University. After receiving a tour of the campus where they learned about all the different STEM opportunities and majors the college offers, eight teammates put their best efforts forward in four…

The Windy City Challenge

Posted by:Kandace Couts

Take a look at Make It Work, our exciting hands-on engineering program at Washington Jesuit Academy. Students were challenged to work together to design and build a wind turbine that spins when the wind blows. Catching the wind can be tricky business. Students designed multiple models testing the effectiveness of the turbine using different sized…

Baltimore FIRST LEGO League Teams Compete in the State Championships

Posted by:Amanda Porter

On Saturday, February 23, LET’S GO’s three Baltimore based FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams competed in the State Championship, after having won at their regional competition. They joined 80 teams of students ages 9-14 from all over Maryland. The teams faced this year’s challenge theme of “Into Orbit” head-on. These young engineers designed, built and…

Recycling Designs

Posted by:Kandace Couts

Watch a LET’S GO’s STEM scholar as she engages in the retesting component of the Engineering Design Process (EDP). Perseverance is developed as students follow the EDP to plan, design, build, test, redesign, and retest their brush bots in a continuous improvement cycle. During her initial test, the student notices her bot only moves in…

I’m an Engineer!

Posted by:Debbie

Young Engineers at the Lakeland STEAM center engage in STEM practices all the time. In the STEAM Explorers program 3rd and 4th graders planned and carried out investigations on how different materials react to the upward draft in their home-made wind-tunnel. They used different materials and speeds on the fan to test their wind-tunnel. Engineering…

LET’S GO FLL Teams Qualify for Maryland State Championships!

Posted by:Debbie

On January 29, our three FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams from Govans Elementary, Lakeland Elementary Middle and Westport Academy competed at the Baltimore City FLL Regional Qualifier. The three teams practiced weekly to prepare for this competition. These young engineers designed, built and programmed a robot. They identified a physical or social problem faced by…

Ecology Students Share Their Thoughts

Posted by:Jacqueline

Hearing what our students have to say about their experiences in a STEM activity is a great way to gauge their understanding as well as see what they really thought of the class. Watch the Eagle Academy Ecology Academy students’ interviews… Getting used to worms… Feeding and touching worms… Fun to observe science… Touching and…

Science Olympiad Team Visits John’s Hopkins University

Posted by:Jacqueline

On February 7, 2019, the Westport Academy’s Maryland Science Olympiad team was invited to a workshop where they tested their competing build designs with students at John’s Hopkins University. In preparation for the March 9, 2019 regional competition at Morgan State University, 11 students traveled with their projects for the build events they will compete in, including…

Ride the Waves

Posted by:Jacqueline

Can sound waves be used as a way to communicate? Imagine whispering a word as soft as you can to your friend sitting next to you. In a bustling coffee shop, s/he wouldn’t hear a thing, but in a quiet room, you might be able to decipher the word. This is not the case for…

How High Can It Bounce?

Posted by:Debbie

The young scientists of Govans Elementary in Baltimore City had a fun day exploring STEM topics with some local high school students. The Towson High School National Science Honors Society facilitated STEM stations with youth who participate in the LET’S GO after-school STEM program. At one station, students loved making ice cream and eating it….

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