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Do you have a passion for STEM and Baltimore City Youth?

Posted by:Debbie

LET’S GO is looking for a dedicated individual with a passion for STEM and Baltimore City Youth to join our team as a VISTA for school year 2018-19. AmeriCorps VISTA members are passionate and committed to their mission to bring individuals and communities out of poverty. Members make a year-long, full-time commitment to serve on…

Washington School for Girls Can Handle the Pressure!

Posted by:Jacqueline

The young ladies at Washington School for Girls (WSG) take on the challenge of a more advanced EV3 robot. They first completed several WeDo 2.0 robots to warm up their skills. They have shown time after time, throughout the school year, that they can handle anything they put their minds to with the help of…

Eagle Academy at the engineering finish-line!

Posted by:Jacqueline

The students at Eagle Academy continue their SeaPerch ‘builds’. Seaperch is a curriculum comprised of basic science, technology, and engineering concepts typically taught in all of our LETS GO’s programs. The SeaPerch curriculum starts by having students build a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), an underwater robot. Finally! The students at Eagle academy complete their Seaperch…

We Build WeDo!

Posted by:Jacqueline

The students of the FBR Branch -Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington continue to grow and impress LET’S GO! Their sustained interest in STEM concepts and hands-on activities  is the primary goal of the STEM program. These students face adversity with these particular builds as they learn that asking questions and asking for help is…

LET’S GO End of Year STEM Showcase at Govans Elementary.

Posted by:Debbie

Students celebrated successfully completing over 100 hours of high quality, hands-on minds-on STEM at the end of year showcase. Students participated in this year long STEM program as part of the Baltimore Curriculum Project Govans Elementary After-School program funded by 21st Century Community Learning Centers. At Govans 3rd – 5th grade shared how they designed…

Robotics is turning heads at STEM ZONE!

Posted by:Jacqueline

At STEM ZONE, students who were not able to or did not get the chance to experience robotics at their school were able to witness a finished build and successful code first hand. LETS GO selected students from each school to host an activity table for robotics at the event. This was to let the…

LET’S GO supports FBR

Posted by:Jacqueline

FBR staff handpicked amazing students to showcase their proficiency in our robotics program at their annual festival. This day was made for the students to have fun doing the things they enjoy. We encouraged the students to rebuild and showcase their favorite builds they have done throughout the year. The students also took the initiative…

How does LET’S GO add quality to STEM activities?

Posted by:Jacqueline

Quality STEM activities require instructors feel comfortable with the content and be able to understand the expectations for students. LET’S GO requires training for instructors on all STEM activities we offer to ensure quality. Here, our Washington Jesuit Academy School teachers in Washington DC have a great time building and testing ‘Brushbots’ in preparation of…

Keeping up with Coding!

Posted by:Jacqueline

In addition to using our own STEM curriculum, LET’S GO Team members seek out other curriculum. Some LET’S GO partners have large STEM programs and they require diversity in STEM technical skills, including programming. LET’S GO trained under Code in the Schools recently to understand where coding is moving for elementary, middle and high school…

Light Up with the NEED Project

Posted by:Jacqueline

LET’S GO strives to find new quality STEM activities for our partners. An opportunity to collaborate with the National Energy Education Development [NEED] Project, who offers energy based curriculum, allowed us to learn all that the NEED curriculum has to offer alongside one of our partners, Washington School for Girls [WSG]./READ MORE/ LET’S GO reviewed…

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