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Electro Celebration

Posted by:Jacqueline

Makey Makey is an electronic tool that allows students to connect everyday items—foil, fruit, and more to their computers. Students can play Pac-Man using those items as command controls. Makey Makey is a great way to incorporate circuitry and coding into a very fun and innovative activity. Students were tasked with working in groups, figuring…

2019 College and Career Luncheon Series

Posted by:Ellin Rittler

May 2019 was an exciting month for the 4th-8th grade LET’S GO STEM Scholars at Westport Academy who participated in the inaugural College and Career Luncheon Series. Four STEM professionals with diverse careers and backgrounds came to Westport to speak to the students during their lunch times. The guest speakers told students about their personal…

Utilizing STEM to Catch the Wind

Posted by:Jacqueline

Students build a model of a wind turbine as a way to “Catch the Wind” Wind is a very efficient renewable resource that can be ‘captured’ as a source of electrical power. Students experimented with making the blades turn as part of the wind collection process for a turbine. At the end of the session…

Spread the Word!

Posted by:Jacqueline

Feedback from our LET’S GO students and families helps the LET’S GO team gauge their impact. Recently, a STEM Scholar event brought 26 students from Anne Arundel County together. Afterwards LET’S GO reached out to all attending families for feedback. Here is one example giving us an indication of the impact our activities are having…

Teachable Moments with Paper

Posted by:Kandace Couts

We use paper to capture our hopes, our dreams, and our thoughts, but paper has served more than just these functions. It has been our friend, our entertainment on a hot summer day, and our teacher. The students at Washington School for Girls had a blast imagining, planning, designing and testing paper airplanes using the…

STEM Scholars Train as Junior Assistants

Posted by:Amanda Porter

The latest training for the STEM after-school program at Govans Elementary School featured some new faces! STEM Scholars Aniyah and Kaylin joined the training session to become Junior Assistants. They joined after-school teachers Ms. Crosby, Ms. Jones, Ms. Cooper, Ms. James, Ms. Gabuton, and high school intern Catarina in engineering humane traps to catch invasive…

Water from the Well

Posted by:Kandace Couts

Did you know that humans are made of 60% water? Water is essential to all living organisms. Plumbing and irrigation bring water from rivers, lakes, and oceans straight to our homes. In ancient civilizations, humans dug wells to access water sources. How did early humans get water from these deep wells? They used their imagination…

Westport Academy’s Science Olympiad Team Competes at the 2019 MSO Baltimore City Regionals

Posted by:Ellin Rittler

March 9 was an amazing day at the Maryland Science Olympiad (MSO) Baltimore City Regional Tournament for Westport Academy. Along with their dedicated coaches, Ms. Green and Ms. Pagan and mentors from LET’S GO and Charm City Science League, the Westport MSO team represented their school with pride. Westport joined hundreds of other students from Baltimore…

Celebrating Pi Day in Annapolis

Posted by:Amanda Porter

Seven of our STEM Scholars from Govans Elementary represented LET’S GO at the Maryland STEM Festival Pi Day event on March 14 at the Maryland State House in Annapolis. Students from dozens of local schools attended the event and learned from our scholars about computer programming and LEGO robotics. Pi Day is an annual celebration…

Safe Landing

Posted by:Kandace Couts

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall among his other egg friends waiting to descend from the top of the staircase, as the students from Bishop Walker School for Boys counted down from 10 to begin the launch of their spacecraft designs which held what would normally be their scrambled breakfasts. However, today’s goal was not…

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