LET'S GO works with schools and youth organizations interested in creating or expanding a STEM education program for their students. Our partners serve students in grades K-8 and are most often located in Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington DC, or the surrounding counties.

Following our sustainable business model, LET’S GO empowers each partner to develop a STEM education program that will be self-sufficient within three years by:

  • Developing a STEM education strategic plan.
  • Supporting fundraising strategies and networking local organizations to recruit instructors (staff, teachers, volunteers, interns).
  • Training instructors in STEM curriculum.

Preparing Each Partner To Become STEM Educators.


Principals, teachers and out-of-school directors have many options when it comes to choosing STEM resources to enhance their school or organization. Our partners succeed because LET’S GO supports the instructor as well as the student.

We realize that instructors have the greatest impact on student success; LET’S GO is dedicated to providing training and onsite support to enhance the instructors’ self-confidence in STEM. The most efficient way to develop this confidence is through professional development where we emphasize the value of using project based learning and hands-on activities through our curriculum and methodology. LET’S GO also works with instructors on how to integrate real life STEM applications and introduce the many opportunity for students in STEM career fields. We know that our trained instructors and coaches return to their classrooms as more inspiring and effective STEM teachers.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, we encourage you to take action today and contact us about your needs. Once our team understands the needs of your organization, we will customize a partnership proposal. LET’S GO offers a variety of service tiers so we recommend meeting with potential partners to develop a customized program.

Become STEM Educators
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What are our partners saying about us?

Here are some of the things instructors like about LET’S GO.

“Our kids had a BLAST with the first lesson (buoyancy). The day ended with almost all of them able to define the vocabulary. A few will need a little more repetition. Their little faces light up when we tell them that they will be making ‘flinkers’ in the air (instead of water) next week.”
– Instructor, Coordinator of Community
and Youth Development Garrett County Health Dept.

“The best parts of the programs are that the materials are readily available. Experiments are simple but interesting, and instructions are easy to follow.”
– Instructor, CAPCS (Community Academy Public Charter School)

“I like the hands-on approach. I think the kids are a little more engaged when they are allowed to think through the problem. They get to investigate and problem solve in a trial and area activity. A lot of them seem to have fun here and get very excited when it is Make It Work day. It is something they look forward to and enjoy. And because they are enjoying it they are picking up an idea or the process of problem solving and how to think through a problem as opposed to oh I just don’t know what to do because I have all these materials that are unrelated. Now they are figuring out how to use these materials to solve my problem, which is good because that is what they will have to do in the real world. Everything is not going to always be laid out for them nicely.”
– Instructor, Mount Royal Middle School

partners saying about us
Development Garrett County Health

Our Clients

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