Across the country, federal and independent organizations are investing in STEM education. But what type of impact is that investment making? While there are many STEM education programs across the country, very few are able to quantify their impact on increasing the number of students entering and persevering within the STEM education pipeline. LET’S GO, however, is committed to being fully accountable to our sponsors and to our partners by demonstrating the return on their investment.

STEM Pipeline and Program Outcome Evaluation

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We commit to answering the key question: ‘How many students have entered and are persevering in the country’s STEM education pipeline because of LET’S GO?’ Using our LET’S GO STEM Pipeline Analytical Model, we are able to predict and measure the STEM Yield. STEM Yield tells us the actual number of students that are entering and persevering in the STEM education pipeline. We summarize this outcome in our STEM Pipeline for Gold Tier partners.


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Outcome Evaluation

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LET’S GO has produced 19 outcome evaluation reports for our partners reporting the impact we have had on students’ STEM interest, knowledge, and career aspirations. See example of typical findings documented in these outcome evaluation reports.


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