New Rockledge Elementary School Competitive Robotics Team Shares Positive Experiences

Rockledge Elementary School in Bowie, MD starts a Competitive Robotics Team with a little help from LET’S GO. Team members share their positive learning experiences with us.

“Programming robots was the best! I loved being in charge of how it moved with my help of giving it commands on the computer!”

“The robots were fun to use. It was hard when we didn’t get it right the first time, but with help from my teammate, we finally got it.”

“I loved spending time after school programming the robot. It was neat to see it do what I asked when I typed in a few commands. My favorite was having it make a figure 8 when we had free time!”

“We wanted to start a Lego Robotic Club at our school. When we researched getting started we came across LET’S GO Boys and Girls organization. This organization was just what we needed to get a team started. We met with a representative who came to our school and with lots of materials to get us started. They showed us how to use the equipment, what to read and study to learn to program the robots, and if we had any questions. The representative stayed in contact with us and helped us through the year. They came back and visited multiple times, were available on the phone, and through email. If it was not for this organization, we would not have had such wonderful help through our first year of Robotic Club. Now that we have had our club for a few years, we are still in contact with the representatives for help and questions that may arise. We are very thankful for them and how they gave us our start! You ROCK LET’S GO Boys and Girls at Rockledge!”

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