Starry Night

Students at Washington Jesuit Academy created their own masterpieces of art. Instead of using oil paint like Van Gogh, to light up the night sky, students used conductive paint and LED lights. A conductor is any material that allows electricity to flow through it. The conductive paint activity is the last series in the LET’S GO Electro curriculum. Using conductive paint, as a resistor, students made a simple closed circuit that generated enough electricity to light up their LED stars. Throughout the course students explore circuitry using different mediums including PlayDoh, and Modeling Clay.

Can you guess which one of these materials is a conductor of electricity?

You guessed it–Play Do!. The repetitive structure of the LET’S GO Electro curriculum gives students the opportunity to deepen their skills and knowledge about circuits. Van Gogh once said, “I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of stars makes me dream.”

Dream Big STEM Scholars!



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