Water from the Well

Did you know that humans are made of 60% water? Water is essential to all living organisms. Plumbing and irrigation bring water from rivers, lakes, and oceans straight to our homes. In ancient civilizations, humans dug wells to access water sources.

How did early humans get water from these deep wells?

They used their imagination to design and build simple machines to extract the liquid. A simple machine is a mechanical device that makes “work” easier and allows humans to perform tasks more efficiently. A pulley is one of several examples of a simple machine.

At Eagle Academy students traveled back in time to design and build their own pulley devices that may have mirrored what earlier humans used to get water from wells. Students were able to make applicable connections to their environment to deepen their understanding of pulleys.

Alongside the instructor, students discussed how cranes, fishing rods and rock climbing harnesses are also examples of this simple machine at work.

It’s hard to believe that much of the technology in the world today started from something as simple as the pulley.

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