Westport Academy’s Science Olympiad Team Competes at the 2019 MSO Baltimore City Regionals

March 9 was an amazing day at the Maryland Science Olympiad (MSO) Baltimore City Regional Tournament for Westport Academy. Along with their dedicated coaches, Ms. Green and Ms. Pagan and mentors from LET’S GO and Charm City Science League, the Westport MSO team represented their school with pride.

Westport joined hundreds of other students from Baltimore City schools to compete in various science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) events. They proudly showed off their critical thinking skills along with all the hard work and studying they had done in preparation for the big day.

Since last fall, sixteen 6th-8th graders joined the MSO team and practiced twice a week to prepare for today’s regional competition. They were also invited to participate in two after-school MSO events held by Johns Hopkins University, including a pre-tournament scrimmage.  They designed, built and tested an elastic launched glider, a roller coaster and an insulating box. They researched and studied forensics, experimental design and thermodynamics. Overall, the team learned how to work together, communicate their ideas, and problem-solve effectively.

Congratulations to Westport Academy’s Science Olympiad Team!

At the MSO regional qualifier which took place at Morgan State University, eight students from Westport competed against twenty-one other Baltimore City teams. They placed in all of the events they participated in as part of the Newton league of MSO:

Crime Busters, 4th place—Salira Epps and Daniara Epps

Elastic Launched Glider, 3rd place—Demarco Allen and Brandon Brown

Mystery Architecture, 6th place—Tenielle Bryant and Kyelle Fortune

Roller Coaster, 4th place—Demarco Allen and Brandon Brown

Thermodynamics, 2nd place—Ariel Butler and Deasia Allen

Write It, Do It, 4th place—Salira Epps and Daniara Epps

LET’S GO is very proud of all the hard work and effort that went into the Westport team’s success.


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