Adam and the Mad Scientists

On All Hallow’s Eve (October 31), LET’S GO’s mad scientists’ team took a trip to Eagle Academy PCS in D.C., to give a lesson to the students about atoms-the building blocks of life.

Even the instructor at Eagle Academy joined in on the harvest fun; eerily following us as we taught. As he watched from a distance, he observed how to introduce vocabulary, assist students with forming explanations, and engage students in hands-on, minds-on STEM learning.

The night began with a grueling story about a boy named Adam, who was born with no heart, no lungs, nor a stomach. The students quickly learned that Adam was no boy at all. He was an atom comprised of protons and neutrons for his body and electrons which spin around it.

Nothing to be afraid of here; atoms are everywhere. Atoms make up scarecrows and even the button nose of teddy bears.

The students then made their own ‘Frankenstein’ creation, as they rolled clay spheres to represent different parts (neutrons and protons) of the atom and smashed them together to form their model nucleus.

Each student made their own model carbon atom and at the end of the activity they received another atom filled treat…candy!


Maybe next year the students at Eagle Academy will dress up as Adam, the Atom for Halloween. Oh wait they already have, because they too are made up of atoms.

Adam the atom is everywhere!

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