Why Should I Become a Sponsor?

At LET’S GO, we develop partnerships with schools and youth organizations that understand the importance of supporting underserved communities through high-quality STEM educational programs. Most of our partners do not have the financial resources to start up an out of school STEM program. LET’S GO subsidizes the start up of our partners’ STEM program with the money from our Sponsors. Your sponsorship enables us to provide our products and services without charge to the partner. Certain sponsors choose to identify their organization with a particular school or youth organization. Our goal is to support and enable our partners to become self-sufficient financially and technically within 3 years. Then we can move on and start up additional partners. Your investment helps our partners equip local students with the STEM knowledge and skills to succeed as tomorrow’s workforce.

Become a sponsor today to help your community develop leaders for tomorrow.

Types of Investment? Money or Time

LET’S GO relies on the support of our private, corporate, and government sponsors to afford thousands of students across Maryland with high-quality STEM education programs. Your sponsorship donation can provide training, curriculum manuals, and materials to help an underserved community develop and implement fun STEM activities that engage students, teachers, and families.

In additional to financial support, LET’S GO actively seeks Sponsors and Collaborators interested in donating in kind support or their time to further engage students in STEM. In kind support might consist of office space, IT equipment, data base expertise, curriculum development, and much more. We need volunteers to be guest speakers, to mentor a highly engaged STEM student, or to organize STEM-based internships. There are many ways for your organization or business to support the students in your community through LET’S GO.

Our Need

Our mission is to engage underserved students in STEM. Often, this means working in communities that lack the resources to cover the start up costs necessary to implement a STEM education program. We rely on business, government, and private sponsorships to allow us to provide planning, training, curriculum, and materials to our partnering organizations. Our goal is to use our Sponsors’ resources to enable our partners to become self-sufficient within 3 years.

Since each of our partners have unique requirements and constraints, we have developed customized 3 year plans. We want these partner plans to be consistent with the goals and objectives of our sponsors.

Sample plans for Partners and Sponsors

  • $5,000: Start up a program for one semester with 2 STEM activities (40 students).
  • $8,000: Start up a program for two semesters with 4 STEM activities (80 students).
  • $10,000: Start up a program for one semester with 3 STEM activities (60 students).
    This is our most comprehensive level of support and includes establishment of a student evaluation and tracking system to measure the STEM Yield.
    (STEM Yield = Number of STEM Students / Number of Total Participating Students)
  • $20,000: Start up a program for two semesters with 6 STEM activities (120 students) as part of a long- range 3 -year integrated program leading to a mature STEM Pipeline Analytical Model.

“The Carol M. Jacobsohn Foundation has, for the last two years, contributed funds to LET’S GO Boys and Girls. We have been consistently impressed with their STEM and robotics teaching activities. Their approach is and has been consistently professional and their results have been successful beyond our expectations. “
-Sponsor, Carol M. Jacobsohn Foundation, LTD

Meet our Sponsors!

The LET’S GO team is grateful to all of our sponsors, donors and collaborators for their investment in terms of money, time, and in-kind contribution to enable us to serve our students, families, and teachers.


US Naval Academy

Miles and Stockbridge (pro bono legal support)

HeimLantz (pro bono accounting support)

America’s Promise

Chesapeake Regional Tech Council

Howard University, College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences (CEACS)

University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

University of Maryland College Park (UMCP)

GE Healthcare

Northrop Grumman


Department of Transportation

Department of Homeland Security

Our Clients

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