Electro Celebration

Makey Makey is an electronic tool that allows students to connect everyday items—foil, fruit, and more to their computers. Students can play Pac-Man using those items as command controls. Makey Makey is a great way to incorporate circuitry and coding into a very fun and innovative activity.

Students were tasked with working in groups, figuring out which set of everyday objects they would connect, picking an online activity they would use, and presenting their project to the class. One group chose to connect cups of water into their kit in order to play the piano on the computer. Another group created an entire band with their kit using white paper as the conga drums and a couple of strips of clay as the piano.

Let the LET’S GO Electro celebration commence!

As a way of showing our appreciation to the brilliant young ladies at Washington School for Girls, LET’S GO decided to close out the school year for Electro with a small ceremony.



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