J.E.S.S. (Junior Engineers and Scientists Series)

Junior Engineers & Scientist Series

Recommended for Grades K-2

Young students become scientists and engineers-in-training in this fun, hands-on program. One week, a science storybook is read to the class and the following week
 students perform an experiment
 that reinforcing the subject of
 the storybook. Students record
 their observations in their student binder filled with Lab Report worksheets. Physics, chemistry, and engineering are some of the
 subjects explored in easy, elementary terms.

  • Easy to understand program boosts teachers’ confidence using science in the classroom
  • Students revisit each subject 3 times: reading, doing, and then recording their observations in a customized lab report
  • Two volumes of 8 experiments each are available for up to 32 weeks of instruction

Class setting:

  • Whole group instructor led sessions
  • Students work individually or in teams of 2
  • Kits have material for 20 students
  • Recommend 1 instructor and 1 assistant
  • 45-60 minute classes

"Nothing ever sticks that I have taught like this (JESS). Parents are loving the program just as much as the kids!”
-Instructor, Mount Royal Elementary School

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