LET’S GO Instructors Make a Difference

LET’S GO’s positive impact on a partner school’s STEM culture would not be possible without our tremendous instructors and everything they do to support our youth.

Ms.Wanda Pagan has been a LET’S GO instructor at Westport Academy Elementary-Middle School since 2014. She is passionate about instilling the importance of STEM learning in her students, and consistently brings fun and educational activities into her classrooms that inspire them to “think outside the box.”

For the past three years, she has been a coach for the Westport Academy Maryland Science Olympiad (MSO) team. This intense STEM learning experience for youth in grades 6-8 requires students to meet two days a week in preparation for competition against 20 other Baltimore schools in March 2020. Guided by their coach and Johns Hopkins University Charm City Science League mentors, students learn about and build competing devices on 18 different STEM topics ranging from software design to human anatomy to aeronautical engineering!

As participants in our LET’S GO STEM Scholars Program, the students on the MSO team are exposed to high quality STEM learning while practicing 21st century workforce skills. Every year, the team buzz around field trips and competition sparks intrigue in Westport Academy students and teachers. It is Ms. Pagan’s dedication to the team’s success that has created a growing STEM culture at Westport.

Always coming up with creative new ways to introduce STEM topics, Ms. Pagan regularly updates families on what the MSO team is doing and is there to support students at every MSO workshop, training, field trip and competition. “MSO adds enthusiasm for science inside and out of the classroom,” she says. “Once they realize that what they’re having so much fun doing at MSO is the same as what they’re learning in the classroom, a light bulb goes off in their head that says, ‘Hey, I do like STEM!’”

During the 2019-2020 school year, Ms. Pagan continues to lead the team to victory. 15 students are working hard on their way to the Baltimore City Regional MSO Competition on March 7, 2020 at Morgan State University.

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