Recommended for Grades 6-8

Make It Work!
students the 
 Design Process 
by completing a
 series of hands-on engineering challenges. Students are assigned actual technical occupations learning how to effectively cooperate as a team. For each Make It Work challenge, students are given a Design Kit filled with “random” yet pre-selected materials. This replicates a real life engineering challenge where design parameters and budgets are preset. The ultimate goal of Make It Work is to get students excited about a career in engineering or science so critically needed for our nation’s future.

  • Make It Work encourages independent/critical thinking, problem solving, or brainstorming
  • Students learn the Engineering Design process as well as advanced teamwork skills
  • One volume of 8 design challenges for up to 8 weeks of instruction is available

Class setting:

  • Whole group instructor led sessions
  • Students work in teams of 4
  • Ideal class size is 20

  • Recommend 1 instructor
  • 45-60 minute classes

“I like the building part of MAKE IT WORK. I like when we try to meet the standards of the challenge. Even if we mess up it is cool that we build something that works. This class is different because it is hands on. “
-Student, Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School

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