May THE FOURTH Be With You

May, THE FOURTH historically marked the fourth annual STEM pop up event in Anne Arundel County. What better day for our STEM scholars to learn about the science and technology behind droids. May, THE FOURTH, as it has been popularly coined, is celebrated by Star Wars science fiction fans, and STEM lovers alike.  While the robots built by the students were not autonomous bots like the infamous R2D2, each of the students created a unique walking robot, powered by the Jedi force, or in this case the batteries in their simple circuit design. Check out their spunky bots below.

As Jedi soldiers, the students cloned engineers, learning about the diverse work, practices and qualities of the profession. They mimicked their speech, and work, deepening their STEM identities and becoming engineers themselves.

As the end of the day drew near, an interesting turn of events occurred, our STEM Scholar ‘clones’, joined the opposition. They worked tirelessly with the Seth to create their death star, a flashing star created with a circuit board, and ‘powered’ by the dark side of the force. The transformation from clone to storm trooper was complete

…to be continued.  See you all at the next LET’S GO STEM Pop Up Event in Anne Arundel.

LET’S GO believes it is our duty to teach students about the ethical responsibilities that come with STEM knowledge. Ethics are reinforced in LET’S GO curricula through the STEM oath. As students recite the pledge; “I promise to use my STEM knowledge to help others, I promise to respect all things, try my best, and believe in myself;” they form values that strengthen their beliefs, their community, and the world at large.

May, THE FORCE, be with us all.

LET’S GO extends a huge thank you to all the organizations that helped to make this event a success.

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