Moving Forward Toward Peace, Respect, And Justice


June 2, 2020


To our youth, our families and our community:

We are writing to you in a challenging period of time, in which the violence and uncertainty facing our nation feels insurmountable. Like many of you, we are grieving, worried, and in pain.

Amid the injustice, riots, pandemic, and unemployment facing our nation today, LET’S GO Boys and Girls (LETS GO) holds tightly to our core values: compassion, equity, collaboration, results driven, courage to change and integrity. The communities we serve suffer most in these times which makes it more important than ever that we continue to embrace our core values to drive forward change. The murder of George Floyd brings to light once again the ongoing need to stand up and support our underserved communities and people of color.

LET’S GO sees deep-rooted poverty and destruction in our Baltimore and Washington DC regions that make daily life routines feel insurmountable for our families. To add injustice and racism within this struggle highlights more than ever the need for a collective approach across our states and our nation to tackle these injustices and protect human life. We will continue to work collaboratively and actively to push forward change and move our youth, our families and our communities toward peace, respect, and justice.

It will take time for us to move forward as a team. We are more strongly committed than ever to our mission to break the cycle of poverty through stem education and workforce development. The magic we see in the classroom and the progress of our students along their pathway to success give us hope every day.


The LET’S GO Boys and Girls Team




Our Clients

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