The size and scope of a STEM program requested by each partnering organization varies by needs and resources. LET’S GO will work with your organization to design a program that is right for you. Our pricing is dependent on a variety of factors because no two programs are the same.

Factors that influence pricing:

  • STEM activity selection (configuration of Robotics, Science and Math Activities)
  • Number of STEM activities that a partner offers
  • Number of students
  • Partner infrastructure and resources already in place
  • Number of sites
  • Multi-year or single semester STEM program
  • Amount of professional development and instructor support
  • Extent of outcome evaluation and student tracking (an integral part of our mission)

The table below displays examples of STEM Program configurations. All program costs are estimates. Actual prices vary. Activity costs decrease over time, and after initial materials are purchased. Estimates do not include instructor stipends.

STEM Program Tier Configurations

* Low-Science/ High-Robotics.


*$1,250 - $5,000

  • Start up materials


*$6,000 - $12,000

  • Instructor Workshops
  • Start up Materials
  • Virtual Support
  • Status Reports



  • Instructor Workshops
  • Start up Materials for all activities
  • Virtual and On-site Support
  • STEM Activity Report
  • Status Reports
  • Outcome Evaluation Report including STEM Pipeline
  • STEM Speaker Series (optional)

Our Clients

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