Robotics Academy

Recommended for Grades 4-8

  • Independent, self-paced activities OR whole group, instructor-led sessions.
  • Uses NXT Video Trainer, multimedia DVD
  • Weekly or daily program OR summer camp
  • 8-12 week program, 1.5 hour sessions

Class setting:

  • 2 students per NXT LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot
  • Preferably 1 student per computer, no more than 
2 students per computer
  • 10 students per 1 adult instructor maximum

Using the NXT Video Trainer, developed by Carnegie Mellon (CM) Robotics Academy, students move independently through self-paced structured activities that build on each other using short videos, animations, and built-in Check Your Understanding questions. The instructor supports and checks skills completed.

LET’S GO Robotics Academy manual breaks the CM DVD into three units that each contain 12-18 hours of activities. Pre-printed mats, supplemental materials and student handouts are available from LET’S GO. LET’S GO offers customized training, onsite and virtual support.


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