Robotics is turning heads at STEM ZONE!

At STEM ZONE, students who were not able to or did not get the chance to experience robotics at their school were able to witness a finished build and successful code first hand. LETS GO selected students from each school to host an activity table for robotics at the event. This was to let the students who was not apart of the STEM robotics program this school year see what their classmate learned in robotics and understand how exciting it is.

One of LETS GO’s rising stars, Zion, who is a student of Bishop Walker School for Boys and attends our robotics program at FBR Branch Boys & Girls Club hosted one of the tables at the event. Zion explained to his peers how fun the class was this school year and what they could look forward to if they decided to attend the robotics program. LETS GO also selected students from Washington School for Girls to showcase what they have learned with the EV3 build in their robotics program. As seen in the picture, one of the students from Bishop Walker School for Boys takes interest in the EV3 build and wanted to see it in action. LETS GO enjoyed seeing STEM put smiles on the students’ faces and hopes this will keep them interested in all things STEM related!

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