S2E2 (Simple Science and Everyday Engineering)

Recommended for Grades 3-5

S2E2 (pronounced “S” squared, “E” squared)(Simple Science and Everyday Engineering) uses fun, hands-on experiments to demonstrate real and relevant science and engineering that children encounter in everyday life. Students are led
 through the critical thinking
 and problem solving steps of the scientific method as they perform fun experiments using basic household items. They are exposed to higher
 levels of science than they would normally encounter in elementary school such as neutral buoyancy, energy transformation, heat transfer, and the Periodic Table of Elements.

  • Engineering ethics are reinforced with recitation of the S2E2 Oath
  • “Engineering and Science in the News” gives students an opportunity to practice “public speaking”
  • Two volumes of 8 experiments for up to 16 weeks of instruction are available

Class setting:

  • Whole group instructor led sessions
  • Students work individually or in teams of 2
  • Kits have material for 20 students
  • Recommend 1 instructor and 1 assistant
  • 45-60 minute classes

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