STEM Scholars Program

LET’S GO’s STEM Scholars Program is a key part of our overall educational program. Two critically important steps to keeping our students engaged along their pathway to success are recognizing their especially strong STEM interest and identity, then providing them with continuous STEM development opportunities.


Who are LET’S GO STEM Scholars?

A STEM Scholar is a LET’S GO program student who has demonstrated interest and identity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). LET’S GO recognizes our Scholars’ need to find more STEM learning experiences and professional development outside of the classroom through our STEM Scholars Program.

We are proud of the 2019 Class of STEM Scholars, and pleased to share their achievements and visions. Each month, we will highlight a STEM Scholar profile on this page.


What services does the LET’S GO STEM Scholars Program provide?

The LET’S GO STEM Scholars Program promotes the value of science qualifications for students’ future employment. LET’S GO identifies resources for long-term prosperity in the 21st century workforce while supporting our Scholars in finding success through those opportunities. Our STEM Scholars Program includes:

Students equipped for success in the 21st century workforce have confidence in their own STEM abilities and interpersonal skills.

Our goal is to expand opportunities for students and families to understand that STEM and STEM-related careers can be pathways to strengthening their economic status and stability.



Our Clients

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