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LET’S GO Boys and Girls, Inc. (LET’S GO) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to break the cycle of poverty through STEM education and workforce development. LET’S GO partners with schools and youth organizations to establish high-quality, ‘hands on, minds on,’ informal STEM programs for youth in under-resourced communities. We provide effective capacity building support to our partners through strategic planning, program coordination and evaluation, hands-on STEM Instructor Training Workshops and coaching, volunteer training, curriculum selection, and ready-to use materials. The LET’S GO STEM Scholars Program provides youth who demonstrate STEM interest and persistence, participation in enriched STEM activities and competition teams, school and career exploration and family engagement events designed to further develop their STEM identity. Our customizable services provide each partner with the support they need to develop and implement a successful STEM program

Overview of LET’S GO Services

  • Program Planning and Coordination with Administrators and Site Directors
    • Long/short range planning
    • Program management
    • ‘Best fit’ curriculum selection
  • Professional Development
    • Instructor Training Workshops
    • Personalized shadow training
    • Ongoing 1-1 coaching: onsite and virtual
    • Technical assistance for STEM materials
    • Intern and volunteer training and coordination
    • STEM inventory training and management resources
  • STEM Activity Materials and Resources
    • High quality, ‘hands-on minds-on’, informal STEM curricula
    • Ready-to-use materials and consumable replacement kits
    • Customized pacing guides and student workbooks
  • STEM Scholar Program and Family Engagement
    • STEM related field trips, competition teams, and Pop-Up Events
    • Student Showcases and Family STEM Nights
    • Guest speakers to develop STEM career awareness or career exploration
    • Guidance navigating school choice application process
    • Newsletters and communication connecting families to other STEM resources and opportunities
    • Informal mentoring with students and families
    • Workforce development
      • Support identifying and applying to internships and other workforce development opportunities
      • Soft Skills Workshops
      • Ongoing mentoring during internships
      • Jr Assistant (near peer mentor/instructor)
  • Evaluation: Outputs and Outcomes

  • Professional Development — led by LET’S GO STEM Directors, each professional development session guides instructors though a hands-on LET’S GO STEM activity increasing their confidence in delivering the content.
  • Shadow Training — a LET’S GO STEM Director co-teaches a STEM lesson or activity alongside an instructor from the partnering organization. This one-on-one training allows the instructor to see each lesson with students in action with the support of a seasoned professional.
  • Manuals — LET’S GO has produced 10 curriculum manuals to provide step-by-step instructions for each available LET’S GO STEM activity. Complete with detailed explanations of each lesson with corresponding photos and many more resources. These manuals provide a comprehensive reference guide to support STEM instructors as they lead each lesson.

LET’S GO recognizes that even with highly effective training, challenges and questions can arise any time an instructor begins a new activity. Virtual support is available to assist instructors with various needs that arise. LET’S GO also offers on-site visits for instructors that might be struggling with a particular lesson or activity. This comprehensive follow-up support sets LET’S GO apart from other STEM organizations. Enabling instructors to become confident and capable to lead each STEM activity effectively is one of our main goals.

The mission, to inspire and support students to become STEM professionals, means we need to identify students that have high interest to become STEM candidates or students.

LET’S GO understands that high potential students need follow-up support just as much as activity instructors.

Mentoring for LET’S GO students includes:

  • Assistance with selecting rigorous STEM curriculum and school application support
  • Informing students of STEM internship opportunities and providing references
  • STEM field trips
  • Life Journey™ online career simulation experience

To remain accountable to our partners, funders, and our LET’S GO team, an important component to each STEM program is evaluation. LET’S GO’s unique Evaluation and Student Tracking System monitors the success of our STEM activities and tracks students’ STEM progress as they enter and persevere in the STEM education pipeline.

There are several unique components to this evaluation system:

  • Student Tracking—LET’S GO monitors each student’s progress in STEM interest and engagement over time through the STEM education pipeline.
  • Individual Student Assessments (ISAs)—completed by instructors for each participating student, these assessments measure student’s STEM engagement.
  • Outcome Evaluations—Pre and post surveys from students, parents, and instructors are collected. LET’S GO then determines the effect of a STEM activity on STEM interest and ability of both students and teachers. An independent evaluator uses the survey data to prepare a Full Evaluation Report.
  • Reporting the STEM Yield—LET’S GO determines the proportion of high-potential STEM students compared to the total number of participating students. This ratio, called the STEM yield, provides a metric to evaluate the impact of increasing STEM student engagement using STEM activities.

Tiered Services to Meet your Needs

Details Under The Title

LET’S GO offers multiple tiers of services and pricing to our partners based on their needs and resources for their STEM program. No one partner has the same need as another so LET’S GO’s customized services help our partners design a STEM program that fits their requirements.

  • A La Carte Services are for partners who want a STEM workshop or a STEM Speaker Series ora STEM Speaker Series or materials.
  • Bronze Tier Services provides partners basic planning, organization and coordination to assist with STEM activity and material selection.
  • Silver Tier Services offers a full range of services to the partner: professional development including STEM workshops and virtual support for instructors; planning, organization and coordination to assist with STEM activities and materials selection and an annual Status Report.
  • Gold Tier Services is the most robust package LET’S GO offers. In addition to all Silver Tiered Services, partners receive long range planning and support for a multi-year STEM program along with instructor on-site support and activity reports.
A La Carte* Bronze Tier Silver Tier Gold Tier
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