Spotlight: International STEM

LET’S GO is proud to add the Sudan to the list of countries that we support. LET’S GO staff assembled and donated a shipment of 10 full NXT Mindstorm Robots plus software, guidebooks and more to children in the Sudan interested in learning more about STEM but who lacked the resources to do so.

LET’S GO also continues to support another international organization in Haiti. We started our journey in Haiti by offering STEM activities to students which continues to be successful. We now counsel the STEM instructors and teaches in Haiti as they expand their internal program and we continue reach out to neighboring schools that are interested in offering STEM to their students as well.

We are proud to share the LET’S GO STEM program to students in underserved countries no matter where they are, when we are approached.

Read our international associates’ comments below:

“Your generous support and robot kits will be great help and offer some children in Sudan to explore STEM, learn and engage in activities to solve simple, complex and probably today’s and tomorrow’s real problems.

I’m so excited when I received your wonderful inspiration kits which will play a huge role by allowing me and some other wonderful people to arrange and put some creative plans so the children can understand engineering and get a good exposure to programming, while building and experiment this new field of technology!

I’m sure the children will love your incredible gifts, have so much fun and somehow LEGO Mindstorms will take them to another level of building an exciting robot and get their interest in engineering for some great future opportunities!”

—Nada Mukhtar, Sudanese engineer working in the USA


“My heart is full knowing you believe, like we do, all children deserve a chance to learn. The possibilities for them are so much brighter in Haiti when they learn and identify with STEM. I’m grateful for all of you!”

—Debbie Harvey, CEO and Executive Director Helping Haitian Angels


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