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Our mission statement drives everything we do. Our mission is to Break the Cycle of Poverty through STEM education and workforce development. Learn more: The Need and the Students We Serve.

We design our programs consistent with our Theory of Change. The elementary and middle school students who participate in our STEM enrichment activities develop a strong STEM identity which motivates them to improve their academic performance and develop important workplace skills. Our students are prepared to graduate from high school on time, complete post-secondary school, and enter the 21st century workforce in STEM and STEM-related careers which provides them with economic security. Learn more: Our Operating Model.

We are highly accountable to our stake holders. We track Predictors of Success that tell us that our elementary and middle school students are on a Pathway to Success. Learn more: Our Predictors of Success and Pathway to Success.

We are ready to expand our impact. Since 2010, we have engaged over 11,000 students in the tri-city region of Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC through partnerships with 68 schools and youth organizations by training over 300 teachers and an equal number of volunteers. Learn more: Our Operating Statistics and our Readiness to Scale.

What you can do to help. I am asking you to help me connect with influential leaders who are committed to finding ways to improve the country’s education system – especially for the low income/high risk students who are falling behind due to sub-standards schools and unhealthy neighborhoods. I am also asking you to consider volunteering your time and/or making a financial contribution to our cause. Learn more: Impact of Volunteers and Donors.

Please delve more deeply, the following links to papers have been provided.

Pathway to Success and Predictors of Success

Operating Model

The Need and LET’S GO’s Students w Photos

Operating Statistics and Readiness to Scale

Impact of Volunteers and Donors

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