Wondering in Haiti!

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), ideas and concepts are all around us. They define how our world works, and show us how all living and non-living things are connected and dependent on one another.

It is no wonder that students’ imaginations at Lekol Harvey (Helping Haitian Angels), our international partner in Haiti since 2017, are sparked by these same wonders of the world. Although 1,889 miles away, the students in Haiti, like those supported in Baltimore and the Nation’s Capital Region, share something in common, wonder–the drive to know why, to understand the world, and their purpose in it.

We imagine the little angels in Haiti, look up at the stars and, wonder just as we do, how the spectacular light show was crafted, why the ocean tides wax and wane, or even how they can solve environmental problems in their community.

LET’S GO has been partnering with Helping Haitian Angels, the non-profit that established Lekoy Harvey School since 2017. In the first year, LET’S GO supported the school’s goal to integrate a hands on science curriculum. In the second year, LET’S GO is pleased to help support Lekoy Harvey by helping them build their STEM program to include technology and coding curriculum.

With these STEM keys, we hope to help the Haitian Angels, realize their purpose and how they can make a difference in their community and the world.


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